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Using an e-tendering solution for procurement of goods and services involves the following steps:

  • Addressed only to registered supplier;
  • Buyer can collaborate on-line to create the electronic Tender Document base on PR or SR;
  • Buyer publish Tender to selected suppliers for bid submissions via the e-Tendering system. The e-Tendering System sends out email notification (Invite to Tender) to suppliers;
  • The workflow functionality of the e-tendering system can be used to route the Tender document to all the parties involved in the approval process until bidding committee;
  • Supplier checked out the announced details online, accepts the agreement (if any) via the e-tendering system, and fill in the bids;
  • Suppliers respond to the Tender by sending their bids using the e-tendering system. In-built security features prohibit buyer access to any of the tender responses until a specified time;
  • Once the tender deadline has been reached, e-Tendering system close the tender automatically;
  • Biding Committee collaborates on-line to evaluate the submitted bids. In the case of e-tendering systems, which include bid evaluation tools, much of the evaluation analysis can be automated;
  • Bidding committee could extent the tender or submit final bidding to selected supplier;
  • Bidding committee could open the bid’s if at least reach quorum (half plus one from total member);
  • The supplier of the winning bid can be automatically notified of the award via the e-tendering system.